Photographer Ellen Stagg has been shooting professionally since 1999. Recently better known for her erotica work which she has shown with art galleries around the world, she has shot for clients such as Playboy and Penthouse and even done calendars and a book. These photos have received the attention of private clients who want to be photographed by Ellen, and she is happy to shoot boudoir photos for all these lovely ladies.

These private photos have been used as gifts to their boyfriends, husbands, fiances, as wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts or any other special occasion. Even pregnant women who want to document their glowing figures or some who just want these images for personal reminders of when they felt their best. Being that Ellen is a female photographer, all clients have felt so comfortable around her which in turn creates amazing images. Either shot with lingerie or fully nude they are photos that everyone is proud and happy to have. Sexy, confident, strong, and beautiful is how every woman looks in their private boudoir shoot.

All images are Completely Private and will not be published any where by the Photographer. The Client will own all Rights to the Images for private use only (they can't resell images without photographer’s consent). The photo shoot will include photographer, lighting, and retouching of a select number of images on a later date. If the Client wants a professional make up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe and special location those can all be arranged. Of course the client can do their own make up, hair and styling if they want to. Everything is set up to make the Client feel as beautiful as possible.

Please email Ellen at for availability, rates, and any other questions.

*All models on this site are professional models who have signed model releases for me to publish their image; none of these shots or shoots were for private use.

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